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Quality Eggs in Yorkshire and across Northern England

From Knowl End Farm to table

Quality Eggs: Welcome
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Quality Egg Suppliers

We are dedicated to providing you with excellent quality eggs linked to an equally superb service, at a very competitive price.
All our eggs are produced to high standards which are governed by DEFRA.
Hen welfare is monitored by the RSPCA.
The egg marketing traceability assures you that each egg can be traced back to the flock from which it came.
We are accredited Organic Egg Suppliers and are proud to display the Organic Food Federation logo on our organic egg boxes.

Quality Eggs: About Us

Better For The Environment

After much time, effort, money and many sleepless nights, we are very proud to boast that at Knowl End Farm we produce our own egg boxes. We are one of the only egg box producers in England. Our boxes are a winner right from the start, as they are made from the plastic bottles which you put out for recycling. The bottles are sorted in Warrington and processed in Bradford before being made into egg boxes.
The carbon footprint in making our egg box is 25% less than its pulp rival.

The nearest egg box manufacturer to us is in Ireland, however, egg boxes are commonly sourced from Germany, Austria and the Middle and the Far East. This makes the transport carbon footprint of our egg box a fraction of its nearest rivals.

The egg box, even though it is made from recycled pop bottles, can itself be recycled over and over again.
With the egg box being clear plastic, customers can see the eggs inside without having to open the box and causing unnecessary damage.

They are waterproof so ideal for milkmen etc. who leave them on doorsteps.
There is only a minimal impact during our production, we do not need to cut trees down to make our product. Trees are our lifeblood and, as such, should be afforded far more respect.

Through our research and development work, we feel our egg box has been well thought about and produced to a very high standard. It ticks all the positive boxes in the egg marketing criteria and we hope to be selling them to many of our egg producing partners in the near future.

We manufacture 2 sizes – Standard and Very Large.
We also make lids for various size egg trays: 30-egg tray, 24-egg tray, 20-egg tray, 18-egg tray, 15-egg tray and 12-egg tray. These are made from exactly the same material as our egg boxes.

Quality Eggs: About

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