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Commercial Egg Supplier in Yorkshire, Northern England

High quality eggs from Knowl End Farm

Commercial Egg Supplier: Welcome

How did we get from two dozen hens, to today?

A few landmarks in our history

  • It all started many years ago with a flock of 2 dozen hens, which rapidly increased. 

  • Legislation changed in Brussels regarding egg marketing, which resulted in Knowl End Farm reducing the number of hens they kept, whilst investing more in the packing and marketing of the eggs.

  • EEC directives to deal with bird flu brought about the cessation of egg production all-together at Knowl End Farm.  

  • A  co-operative was formed made up of local farmers and Knowl End Farm.

  • Knowl End Farm concentrated on grading, printing and complying with all the new legislation, allowing the farmers to concentrate on egg production

  • Today Knowl End Farm has the biggest MOBA 2000 grading machine in Europe (The MOBA Group is the world leading manufacturer of egg grading, packing and processing equipment).

  • From the automated farm packer to our egg boxes, your eggs may well be untouched by human hands.

  • We are currently leading the way in UK egg box production whilst serving the local areas (Liverpool,  Manchester, Leeds, Preston and surrounding areas) with eggs.

Commercial Egg Supplier: About Us
Commercial Egg Supplier: About

Please note our minimum delivery order size is 15-dozen eggs

Simply let us know your requirements by getting in touch with us. Tell us who you are, your full address details and how many eggs you want. We aim to get back to you within 2 hours to confirm your order. If we don't have your requested items in stock, we'll work with yo to source an alternative, or put your request on back order.

Ready to buy quality, commercial use eggs?

Get in touch with Knowl End Farm today by emailing

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